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Confidential Review

Receive a confidential, complimentary review and professional assessment of your financing needs or current lending terms.

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Trusted Advisor

Be confident in our reliable, unbiased counsel whether you need to restructure or work out of existing loan commitments, negotiate improved loan terms, or secure loans with multiple lenders under the best terms. We are not loan brokers. We do not earn commissions. You will have the benefit of our expert advice with only your best interests at heart.

St. Louis Metro Area Focus

You profit from our 25 years of experience in the St. Louis Metro and Southern Illinois commercial lending market. Our insight and familiarity into the various local lending institutions positions you as a compelling borrower and secures the best lending package to fit your needs.

Every Step of the Way

You will get more from us than just distributing your financials to potential lenders. We will be your ongoing advisor, answering all of your questions and standing for you throughout the entire underwriting process. Count on us to be your advocate in lender meetings, in negotiations and throughout the underwriting process.

Application Assistance

Overcome the overwhelming and frustrating loan application preparation process with our professional advice and assistance. We will help you prepare your pro-forma financials, projections, and complete your loan packages to meet the lender’s expectations.