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The Capital Source Solutions Advantage

Why work with Capital Source Solutions?

1. You need an unbiased advocate working for you. 

Because when you engage Capital Source Solutions, you have a financing partner working for you, with only your best interests in mind. Too often, small businesses rely on the counsel of the biased banker sitting across the table from them.

2. You have better things to do with your time than meet with lenders. 

You can leave to us the loan application and credit package assembly, as well as the banker meetings, follow up Q&A, and loan negotiation, focusing instead on improving and growing your business.

3. You can leverage our years of experience to find the best solution. 

You get decades of commercial loan experience on your side of the business deal. We will help you avoid paying too much in fees, pledging more collateral than you need to, accepting a higher than market rate, or personally guaranteeing what can stand on its own.

4. You need flexibility. 

You can structure your relationship with us according to what best meets your needs and desires, be it hourly counsel or based on a success fee for successfully delivering the financing you seek.

How can Capital Source Solutions help you?